New Palm device (possibly) does not suck

Gizmodo: Palm Stock Jumps 34.85% On Palm Pre News.

I am pleasantly surprised that the new Palm Pre is getting such positive initial buzz. I’d long accepted that Palm was on death watch, and for good reason: “stagnation” doesn’t even begin to describe how badly they’ve botched product development this millennium. It will be interesting to see how the Pre does.

I’m not a huge fan of the cloud computing concept as such, but otherwise the Pre looks very intriguing. I refuse to use a Windows Mobile device, dislike Blackberry, am indifferent to Android, and won’t even consider the iPhone (no keyboard = useless for me). The only other device that intrigues me even a little is the Nokia E71. (And no, I never seriously considered the Openmoko platform; I may prefer to use a Free Software distribution, but I’m not a complete masochist.)

Of course, I’m not going to be adopting the Pre any time soon: at a minimum, I want a phone based on GSM, and preferably unlocked, not a CDMA phone exclusively tied to Sprint. Fortunately, according to PC World the new Palm Pre will go on sale in European countries during the first half of this year as well.

Assuming Palm doesn’t screw it up—never a safe assumption—my next phone may very well be a Pre.