Naked Structure

I’m participating in this year’s CSS Naked Day, using a plugin by Aja Lorenzo Lapus. I wouldn’t be much of a structure geek if I didn’t support semantic markup and clean separation of content from design, now would I?

Amusingly, this naked look is very nearly the way I see most web pages every single day. I’ve used a custom CSS stylesheet since Opera first supported them, back when the download still fit on a floppy disk. Even today, when I’m feeling especially minimalist, I’ll run a customized version of Bert Bos’s lynx.css. When I feel the need for teh pretty, I’ll swap in one of the W3C’s Core Styles. All of this has had the benefit of opening my eyes early on to the evils of tag soup and table-based layout, and the need for real web standards.

Since I switched to Firefox, Greasemonkey and, lately, Stylish have proven essential for letting me access content while providing a uniform look-and-feel to the whole net, minimizing distractions.

(Yeah, I know. Get off my lawn.)

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