R-Point (2004)

★★★ / 👍

While R-Point borrows liberally from other, better movies—it’s basically Apocalypse Now meets The Shining by way of The Ring—it largely overcomes its derivative K-Horror trappings to become a fairly effective wartime psychological / supernatural tale without devolving into cargo-cult filmmaking. (If I’m right about the finale being influenced by Ghosts of Mars as much as by The Thing, R-Point may actually have improved on the source material in at least one case.)

Note that R-Point is less a war film with horror elements than it is a horror film with a war backdrop. Despite the training the cast members apparently actually underwent, I didn’t believe that these guys were soldiers. I must admit, though, that my favorite scene in the movie does rely on infantry tactics to provide not only a decent scare but a hint of subtext as well.

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