Upgraded WordPress

I downloaded and installed the latest stable release of WordPress the instant that Zeldman’s announcement appeared in my feed list, for two reasons.

My one big commitment to myself, before I registered a domain name, was that I wouldn’t allow my blog to become a spam-ridden linkfarm. That’s why, even though I haven’t added to this blog in many months, I’ve been regularly upgrading and maintaining this blog nonetheless. Semper vigilans.

It also didn’t hurt that Happy Cog is involved with the new WordPress, either; it was Zeldman’s advocacy that convinced me to use WordPress at all, instead of the Blosxom setup I’d been using locally. I have a weakness for hair-shirt minimalism, but my awareness of and admiration for Zeldman’s work goes waaay back in Internet Time.

(Though I must say I was surprised—like many fans of web standards who drew initial inspiration from Zeldman’s cry of to hell with bad browsers—by his defence of A List Apart‘s announcement of the flawed IE8 version targeting proposal, which Microsoft has since abandoned.)

Maybe I’ll use this new and improved version of WordPress to actually, you know, blog.

Though I wouldn’t count on it.…