A fresh start

Today I went ahead and registered a domain, set up hosting, and generally took steps to give myself a “real” website.

I’ve been on the net for more than a decade but I’ve never had a net home of my own. What encouraged me to take the plunge was seeing my handful of blog posts at wordpress.com make their way into Google faster than I thought possible (2 days after enabling search engine crawling). I know enough about googlejuice to realize that if I was going to commit to a blog—or even a vanity page—it would be best to have my own domain.

(I also took the opportunity to take down the old blog, issue removal requests to google, and be slightly more selective about what I reposted on the new domain.)

Now I’ll just have to see if this newfound concern for my internet identity translates into a greater commitment to posting fresh content.…

ETA: I just commented on a recent danah boyd post which was a proximate cause for my setting up a website after all these years.