…the site

I launched this site in mid-2007 as “an annotated linkblog, with occasional reviews, essays and journal entries.” That sure didn’t last very long. These days my public-facing Internet presence is largely confined to an irregularly-updated Twitter account and the occasional movie review on Letterboxd.

The contact form still works if you need to use it.

…the nickname

“Structure geek” is a phrase that describes my interests, my obsessions, and my usual method for trying to understand the world around me. More practically, for many years it was a phrase I could retain top search engine ranking for. (Searching for my actual name turns up a bunch of talented, interesting, and even infamous people, none of whom are me.)

While my Google juice has long since evaporated, if you see a structuregeek on a public site, there’s still a good chance it’s me. A decade ago this seemed like a somewhat clever and only slightly risky strategy, rather than the catastrophically stupid one it feels like today, but such is life.